Most frequent questions and answers.

We’re not licensed agents, and we don’t list houses.  Therefore, we are able to save you on the expense of hiring a broker.   We buy property in Maine that fits our buying criteria. From there we may make repairs and resell it to another owner or keep it as an addition to our portfolio.

We are truly looking for a win-win scenario.  We can negotiate with your lender, offer flexible terms, and we guarantee a no-hassle closing.  We have to purchase your property at a discount to leave room for repairs, resale costs, and leave a little room for profit.  

If you’re looking to sell your property in any condition and see the value in getting your house sold quickly, let’s talk and see if we can agree on a fair price.  

We understand that the process of selling Real Estate can be very stressful and uncertain. 

Give us a call, get a sense of our company.  We will be happy to come speak to you in person. We are friendly,  100% honest with you, and only here to help.

Most likely, yes. Depending on the details of your scenario, condition of the property, and market value. If your property is currently tied up in Probate, give us a call or send us a message to discuss your options. 

Probate:  the legal process that involves the transfer of property from an estate to the property holder’s beneficiaries. As an executor of an estate you may have to sell off real estate held by the estate not directly willed to a specific beneficiary. The probate court handling the estate will then split the proceeds from the sale among the beneficiaries. Making a valid sale of the property requires that you follow strict sales procedures, but we are still happy to help in this scenario!


We want you to feel comfortable with your decision to sell.  That is never a problem for us.

We actually advise buyers to seek the advice of counsel so they are completely comfortable with the transaction.  You can also give a copy of the contract to your attorney for review before you sign or agree to anything.  

 These are private sales with one individual selling to another, which involve completely legal transactions and are considered a perfectly reasonable way to sell a house.  All of our closings take place at a title company with an attorney handling the settlement, so you can be sure that everything is done according to all appropriate laws and regulations.

We are primarily focused on the Southern Maine market, but we are happy to consider any property in the State. 

You have a few options:

Send us a message here.

Give us a call or text at (207)558-8405.

Send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you!